Day 1 - Wednesday 17th September 2014

Welcome to AIC

Dr Robyn Mildon, Program Chair, Director of Knowledge Exchange and Implementation, Parenting Research Centre and Uncle Chicka Madden, Gadigal Elder

Message from Nancy Jeffrey

Nancy Jeffrey, Save the Children

Policy, implementation, and evaluation: The active ingredients of evidence based intervention scale-up

Mr Bryan Samuels, Executive Director of Chapin Hall, University of Chicago, USA

Policy, implementation and evaluation: The active ingredients of evidence based intervention scale-up

Dr Patricia Chamberlain, Senior Research Scientist and the Science Director, Oregon Social Learning Center, and Dr Fred Wulczyn, Senior Research Fellow, Chapin Hall

Sessions 1A, 2A + 3A

Implementation Leadership (# 69)

Bianca Albers

Laying the ground work for effective implementation: The role of government (# 132)

Maree Walk

Healthy Together Victoria: The policy and practice of systems (# 78)

Dr Claire Tobin & Dr Jenny Proimos

ParTI: introducing an extended implementation framework for health service change (# 40)

Rajna Ogrin, Professor Anneke Fitzgerald

Clinician-Led Improvement in Cancer Care (CLICC): A randomised phased trial of clinical guideline implementation through a clinical network (# 45)

Bernadette Brown

Sustained nurse home visiting for all who could benefit: taking the MECSH program to scale (# 101)

Dr Lynn Kemp

Cross-agency, cross-jurisdictional, cross-service domain, cross-modal, unfunded, multiple non-government organisational partnership implementation science from scratch (phew!): A tale of really hard implementation science (and why it has almost worked!). (# 94)

Michael Austin & Kate Dover

The Role of Key Stakeholders in Co-Creating an Infrastructure to Support Evidence-Based Practice (# 91)

Dr Alison Metz

Implementing evidence based healthcare through clinical networks how should they be optimised as implementation vehicles? (# 46)

Associate Professor Mary Haines

Session 1B, 2B + 3B

Using systems thinking concepts and processes to guide obesity prevention practice and policy development (# 71)

Christine Siokou

Increasing access to best practice mental health interventions on a national scale: Lessons learned from an implementation program based on a theory-informed model (# 93)

Anne-Laure Couineau

Improving the implementation of responsible alcohol management practices by community sporting clubs: a randomised controlled trial (# 90)

Melanie Kingsland

Supporting Policy In health with Research: an Intervention Trial (SPIRIT) - Protocol and early findings (# 44)

Dr Anna Williamson

Implementation of an intervention to enhance police surveillance of alcohol related harm: a stepped wedge trial (# 55)

Professor John Wiggers

Increasing the implementation of vegetable and fruit breaks by Australian primary schools: a non-randomized controlled trial in a population of schools (# 17)

Nicole Nathan

Using conjoint analysis to validate SAGE: A tool to assess research engagement actions and research use in the development of health policies (# 11)

Dr Steve Makkar

An intervention to facilitate the implementation of healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices in childcare services (# 67)

Nicole Pond

Evaluating the national implementation of early psychosis services on the headspace youth mental health care platform (# 49)

Amanda Reeves

Session 1C, 2C + 3C

Using Normalization Process Theory to facilitate sustainable practice change: the MOVE randomised controlled trial of Maternal and Child Health nurse screening and care for women experiencing (# 87)

Leesa Hooker

Implementation of a research- practice partnership to develop and test research translation strategies for improving the health of populations (# 86)

Dr Luke Wolfenden

Design and evaluation of a multi-modal audit and feedback intervention for implementation of healthy food policy in rural and remote school canteens. (# 98)

Dr Christopher Williams

Impact of a population based intervention to increase physical activity promoting practices in childcare services: learnings for large scale implementation in childcare (#13)

Meghan Finch

Trapeze: making the leap with ease (# 81)

Dr Jane Ho & Madeleine Bridgett

Expansion of the Reducing Use of Sedatives (RedUSe) project to Australian nursing homes (# 75)

Dr Juanita Westbury

Measuring 'user-pull' research uptake by policy makers and stakeholders (# 52)

Catherine Joyce

Rural-proofing disability policy: engaging policy makers and service providers in bridging the research-policy gap. (# 74)

Dr Angela Dew & Akshay Rai

Sustaining short term initiatives - by implementing for the long term (#27)

Anthony Raitman

Session 1D, 2D + 3D

Improving outcomes for vulnerable families: how the process of implementation has impacted on the whole of an organisation in Western Australia (# 39)

Pauline Dixon

Effective Supervision and Coaching: A Matter of Reflection? (# 109)

Justine Harris & Cheryl Majka

Moving beyond theory to the nuts and bolts of implementation: Update on Mercy Community Service’ ‘DMERTTS’ Framework. (# 32)

Dr Stewart Redshaw

Implementation frameworks applied: the status quo in child, youth and family services (# 133)

Dr Robyn Mildon

Using theory to inform implementation research: The iSOLVE Project (# 62)

Dr Meryl Lovarini

The significance of linkages for the uptake of research in social policy making (# 59)

Jenny van der Arend

Transforming the Developmental System in Disadvantaged Communities Through Sustainable Prevention Support and Delivery Systems (# 54)

Professor Ross Homel AO

Applying implementation science to build school implementation capacity to prevent bullying (# 117)

Dr Natasha Pearce